Exams and Physicals


Regular Health Checkup for Timely Prevention and Cure

How long has it been since you have been through a routine physical examination? Many conditions can remain hidden and cause serious complications later on in life if not addressed at an early stage. The key to peace of mind is a healthy body. Give yourself that peace of mind and visit us today. 

Don't let yourself become victim to a preventable affliction. Learn about our annual and routine procedures such as general men's and women's health exams. Also, check out our yearly check-up program including pap smears. Talk to our experienced staff for assistance.

Physical Examinations for All Age Groups

When you or your child need to undergo a physical test for school or sports, turn to Professional Health Care. Count on our 14+ years of experience to provide you and your family with friendly and convenient medical services.

Check out our payment options including the insurances that we accept. Call us at 804-732-0372.
Schedule a routine checkup for you and your family.
Call 804-732-0372.
You can ask us for same-day or urgent appointments when you visit us.
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