Accident and Injury

Injury hand

Effective Cures for Your Accidental Injuries

Don't let injuries from accidents go untreated! Even seemingly minor bumps and bruises can lead to more complicated issues down the road if not taken care of properly. At Professional Health Care, your accidental injuries, minor or major, are in good hands. 

Our highly trained medical staff has over 14 years of experience to provide you with appropriate treatment for your broken bones, twists, sprains, cuts, and scrapes. You can also get same-day and urgent appointments so that your bruises and cuts are not left untreated due to lack of timely medical attention.

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Physical Therapy for Your Prompt Recovery

Let us help you get back on your feet again after you have been through an accident that has caused you grave physical injuries. With our in-house physical therapy services will help you recover quickly and you'll be able to get back early to your normal schedule.

Our friendly staff will assist you with your questions. Call us today at 804-732-0372. We also have fluent Korean speakers to assist you through.
Learn more about our limited in-house physical therapy services.
Call 804-732-0372.
We're a trusted healthcare unit in Petersburg, VA. We provide an added advantage of FREE parking at our facility.
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